Requirements for Partners

If you ever find yourself wondering if you could be an official BlueFox Hosting Partner, these requirements will help you figure out if you're a proper fit for the position:

Firstly, we have a few categories for partners. We currently allow partners of 3 types: Streamers (Youtube, Twitch, other popular streaming platforms), Servers (Game servers of large size/popularity), and Organizations (Javascript Universe, Enmap, things relating to the services we offer)


  • Must have a minimum of 1000 YouTube Subscribers/Twitch Followers
  • 150+ views per video/stream
  • Must have content relating to one of our streaming services 
  • Upload regularly and recently


  • Must have a minimum of 201 average players.
  • Must have a good reptutation.


  • Must be widely known or widely used.
  • Minimum of 200 users in a community server (Discord).
  • Must be a service that BlueFox uses or recommends.

If you do not meet these requirements but are close, you may still apply to be a partner in our discord. If you meet these requirements, please apply to be a partner in our discord. Tickets can be opened in the #create-ticket channel.

If you are not close to meeting these requirements, please come apply when you are!


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